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Councillor David Di Palma speaking with

Liz Kendal MP

about the

Labour Leadership Contest &

Tory Cuts to Social Care

Me & Liz

Councillor David Di Palma speaking with

Andy Burnham MP about the

Tory cuts to Social Care

This is what I think

Councillor David Di Palma with Chief Constable Simon Cole

at the

Remembrance Sunday Service

Chief Constable Simon Cole & Cllr David Di Palma 3

This is the personal website of

Councillor David John Di Palma.

Views expressed here are mine.

Content isn't within the control of any authority, community group or organisation.

Councillor David Di Palma canvassing for Amanda Hack Parlimentary Candidate & for myself for the 2015 Elections...

On the Bus Polling Station 3 Croft Polling Station for Website Cllr Dave 4

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Me & Bish Dean & I

Cllr. David & Martyn (the Bishop of Leicester)

at Leicester Cathedral  - 2017

David (the Dean of Leicester) & Cllr. David

at Leicester Cathedral - 2017


Me & Jon


David with Jon Ashworth MP - 2017

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