My name is Arthur Brain,

I’m anything but plain,

My brain is damaged; my looks give an impression I’ve been hit by a train,

I have a circular scar on the right side of my head,

If it wasn’t there I would already be dead,

I write to survive  not to make money,

Having brain damage isn’t very funny,

Some would say; "David; you're not very bright",

I would say; "I have few qualifications so you could be right",

Some housing organisations misunderstand,

Believing that my creative work should be banned,

I’m creative as my feelings I need to express,

If I didn’t I’d be distressed,

Some believe that I get depressed,

I get frustrated & confused so I hope that myth has now been addressed?

Some think I’m hooked on drink, drugs or solvents,

I do none so I hope you’ll now repent?

Some label me as mentally unstable,

I disagree; to analyse & to adapt oneself is a sign of being willing and able,

To live and to learn is a tough enough task

I try my best; what more could you ask?

You try and function

With a brain malfunction!


'Arthur Brain'

PPL groupies chairs arthur day 2