'Arthur Day'

The Bloke with a Memory Span of Less Than One Day

I didn’t need telling that I must be flexible,

Not having a plan would be most regrettable,

I understand the importance of being analytical,

My brain a poor memory receptacle,

I knew I’d need a plan,

To manage a poor memory span,

My landlord said I had mental health and behavioural issues,

I cried with laughter; using a whole box of tissues,

My landlord got on the wrong end of the stick;

Believing my creative work to be a sign of a 'safety risk’ ; this misconception got on my bloody wick!

I tried to educate that my creative work isn’t designed to offend,

My creative work I should never have to defend,

I tried to say; unless you live my life you couldn’t possibly comprehend,

The housing staff clearly didn’t understand; they thought I was ‘around the bend’,

I tried to start a new trend,

I didn’t need anyone to say;

You need a plan; a Disability Management Strategy,

I devised my own ….Long Live Arthur Day ………The bloke with a memory span of less than one day

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