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True Warrior ™

I stand under the Union Jack

Ready to take on the flack

This flag means so much to me

If I didn't make it back then always remember me

For I always carried the fight thinking of that Union Jack

So if I didn't make it back

Don't be sad for me

For I want you to be filled with glee

Have a party on my back

Decorate the venue with the Union Jack

Because I'll no longer be in pain

For I was born a True Warrior & didn't die in vain

I never gave in

Always wanted to win

Think of me now I'm gone

Because all I fought for was; TO BELONG

This was written just before I entered the Walton Centre to have neurosurgery. A note was left alongside this to request it be read at my funeral in the event I didn't make it.

Although I didn't die on the operating table I would like this read out at my funeral when I do die.

The Walton Centre Union Jack

Union Jack